Hide and Seek

About two years ago, I came upon a game with iPad and Skype that I called  “find me”. It was after I several days in a week playing hide and seek with the kids that I felt that this would be capable of integrating with modern technology.

What you need is two iPads and at least two children. One run and hide and when that child found his or her hiding place, he/she rings up the other child. When they see each other, the child that´s been hiding then gives clues by filming their environment. Then it’s just up to the other one to go out and look.

The reason I write about this now, is that for one month, I met some of the children that I did this with two years ago.

They asked if we could do this again. They also told me that they played this game at home in the neighborhood with their smartphones.

So now we have resumed this game and see how it evolves.


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