QR Dice in literacy class

I have made a dice of styrofoam and on that I have put QR codes, so it becomes a QR dice that I use in different way in my teaching. The first thing a did was to use it in kindergarten when we had gymnastics, every QRcode had a link to a instructional film that showed the movement that the kids was going to do.

I also use this in my literacy class and here I use different task linked to QR codes, it can be rhetoric task like “make a short speak about this picture” or “try to make us buy these broken classes”. I can also use this dice when we have a short test about what we have learn and link questions to the QR codes.

I  use Google apps and Google document to link my task to the QR codes and it works well.



Hide and Seek

About two years ago, I came upon a game with iPad and Skype that I called  “find me”. It was after I several days in a week playing hide and seek with the kids that I felt that this would be capable of integrating with modern technology.

What you need is two iPads and at least two children. One run and hide and when that child found his or her hiding place, he/she rings up the other child. When they see each other, the child that´s been hiding then gives clues by filming their environment. Then it’s just up to the other one to go out and look.

The reason I write about this now, is that for one month, I met some of the children that I did this with two years ago.

They asked if we could do this again. They also told me that they played this game at home in the neighborhood with their smartphones.

So now we have resumed this game and see how it evolves.

Leaving the comfort zone

Often when I reflect on my most successful lessons or activities in preschool so has creativity been the protagonist. That’s when I as a teacher dared to go beyond my comfort zone and dared to try something new or when any child shared a ide’ or discovery.

The important thing is that the climate is permissive so both educators, students and children dare to throw out and dare to try. Sometimes I think we’re all a little comfortable and treads to walk the same ground, it makes you feel you can and mastered.

Unless we educators dare to be creative, how should our students and children dare to be?